Fashion Week, Day 3, briefly

I've decided to keep my Fashion Week postings down to a minium, as so many other bloggers are doing it so much better (see here, here, here, here, and obviously here.).

Anyways, here are a few favorites from yesterday's shows:

Love this whole look from Abaete - it's sleek but fun and just goes to show that brown and black DO go together, given the right combination.

Look at this DKNY sweater - the deep purple shade is just gorgeous, and I love its dramatic shape. It's been averaging about 0 degrees here in Chicago, so warm and cuddly knit items are very much on my mind.

Metallics are not going away, ladies - they're just being reincarnated! I'm not a big fan of disco-queen silvers and golds, but this dark metallic from Diane von Furstenberg is much more to my taste. It would make a beautiful evening coat.

I know everybody has been posting about this gorgeous outfit from Lela Rose, but I had to chime in. The color combination? Genius. And I love the melange of textures, and just...everything about it.

More later...if I can muster up the energy to look at the rest of yesterday's offerings. It's been a long day. I'm a little bit disappointed thus far, to be honest - but the I'll reserve full judgement until after the week has run its course. I've been hearing good things about 3.1 Phillip Lim...so we'll see!


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