Super Bowl Madness

This post may not be art or design related in any way, but - say it with me - community feeling is definitely stylish.
Let me say, for the record, that I have no interest whatsoever in football. However, seeing the outpouring of support and excitement that has come from the Bears' entree in the Super Bowl has been really heartwarming. Look what it's done for the skyline:

Though I am relieved that it's only temporary. As fun as it is to see Chicago decked out as such, I'll be happy to see the city go back to normal (and to be able to visit my local Jewel Osco without feeling like I'm going to be crushed in a mass mob of lunatics who want just one more 12-pack of beer...)

While Cubs vs. Sox feuds remain inevitable, at least we can all agree on something. Attendance of peace rallies here has been disappointing - maybe if we can get a sports theme in there somehow...

Thanks to Chicagoist for the photos.

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