Poppies Galore

Everyone loves Monet's images of poppy fields. Well, most people do. I'm one of the few people who's not a big fan of the Impressionists, but I do rather like this painting from 1885:

As spring begins to make itself known, floral imagery becomes ubiquitous in magazines and stores. I've been seeing a lot of great items with poppy prints, so I thought I'd share a few.

First, there's this beauty from Kate Spade, designed by artist Hugo Guinness. I'm not much one for lots of color, so I see this as a nice way to look spring-y without looking like a Lilly Pulitzer store exploded all over me. It also comes in PVC - way to be trendy!

I also love this print, which depicts a little girl with highly stylized poppies. Found here on Etsy, my favorite standby.

I also found these pretty coasters on Etsy. The silver, black and white color scheme make them relatively neutral, and the poppy drawings are prettily refined.



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