Books again, you say?

Now that I have made it clear to you all that I am, indeed, something of a bibliophile, book-related post inspiration seems to be seeping out of the ether. With all of the (spectacularly well-deserved) accolades from bloggers regarding Jen Bekman's new project, 20x200, I decided to steer clear of posting of it unless I had a good reason.

Today's reason made itself clear to me last night, in the announcement of Wednesday's print, Word Study by Mickey Smith.

Yup...books! I absolutely love the concept behind Smith's series, Volume, of which this is a part. Smith's focus is on the replacement of tangible books and journals in research libraries, with their online equivalent - something with which any recent student would be familiar. Smith writes, "Searching endless rows of these utilitarian texts, I am struck by the physical mass of knowledge and tenuousness of printed works as they fade from public consciousness." I loved reading about his process. Such a thoughtful artist has created a striking photograph that would stand out on any wall. It can be yours, for only $20....

I can personally vouch for the quality of the 20x200 prints. I bought the last $20 print of The Faceted Couroucou by Carrie Marril and was stunned by the richness of the print quality. It's really a beautiful piece, and you can tell that much love was put into the making of it.


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