Well, the groundhog says it's spring...

What a nice thing to open my inbox to! Hayden Harnett, one of my favorite indie bag brands, is having a nice little spring cleaning sale. Discounted styles include one of my favorites, the Nico XX of buttery smooth leather fame. It's only discounted in two colors, silver and currant but I'm totally digging the latter:

It's such a lovely rich shade. And you can't beat the price!
To bad it won't keep me warm. I've started looking at all of the fur-clad ladies (none so fabulous as this looker) with undisguised envy)...when political correctness and any and all feeling for animal rights has gone down the drain, you know it's pretty freaking cold. At this point, I think I'd wear a coat made from the dead rats you sometimes see in my alley if I thought it would keep me warm.

OK, maybe I'm not that desperate yet. And it looks like warmer weather is on its way...well, slightly warmer weather. So maybe the rats won't be necessary - but I'll let you know. At least I haven't been quite desperate enough to pull out my old North Face puffer.

FYI: The low in Chicago for today was 9 degrees below zero, farenheit.
And yes, I know my jokes were in bad taste =)

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